Lifting Weights for a Healthier Heart

Lifting weights are one way to be healthy. Today, many people lift weights or are encouraged to lift weights because of its health benefits. If weight lifting is done along with aerobic exercise, then its benefits become even more apparent.

Many today agree that aerobic exercise isn’t enough to be fit. Fitness means having a healthy lifestyle, and for that to be true, it means having a total body transformation. Fitness includes weight training, aerobic exercises and proper nutrition.


Benefits of Lifting Weights

How does one then help with weight training? The benefits of weight training include an increase in muscle mass and in strengthening bone density.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of weight lifting is the growth in muscle mass and an increase in strength. The increase in muscle mass is necessary, especially if there is also a decrease in fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. You should be able to increase muscle mass while also reducing fat, which would then lead to a much leaner physique.

Studies have shown that those who lift weights continue to burn calories even after a workout as opposed to those who only do aerobic exercise. It is again due to an increase in muscle mass. The optimal way to become leaner is to lift weight and do aerobics. In that way, calories are used efficiently even while resting and not working out.

Researchers suggest that weight lifting also promotes better blood circulation throughout the body than aerobic exercise alone as weight training would involve all the parts of the body. For example, in walking or jogging the feet are the ones that primarily move.

With weight lifting, especially for those who do whole body workouts, all parts of the body are being utilized. It is most true for compound exercises such as a bench press or squats. Secondary muscles not directly used, move as well to aid in lifting weights. Even stabilizer muscles are used in weight training. It applies to both compound and isolation exercises. Stability is needed to handle weights, especially those that are heavy.


What to Wear In the Gym

For comfort and ease of movement, it is often recommended to wear clothes that won’t restrict movement while lifting weights. Tight shirts and pants aren’t recommended then, especially shirts that have long sleeves. As much as possible, bodybuilding t-shirts are used. These shirts have short sleeves or are even sleeveless, allowing for much freedom of movement.

Another that is recommended in the gym is top rated wrist wraps that are on the market today. These are used to have protection on the wrist, which is necessary when lifting heavy weights. Wrist wraps, knee wraps and lifting belts are often recommended to be used while training for safety.



It is not surprising that weight training is accessible today as it gives many benefits to people. It helps in losing weight and is one of the best ways to reduce fat while at the same time adding muscle mass. Weight training helps in burning calories so make sure to wear the appropriate apparels and of course, bring your A – Game on!